Managed Inventory

Krayden’s managed inventory is specialized to meet the demands of our customers.

Our Technical Representatives will assist with establishing inventory reorder levels and upon reaching re-order points, a replenishment PO is generated. The many benefits of our managed inventory include order entry error reductions, better fill rates to our customers and reduced stock-outs.


The Krayden Difference:

Experienced Sales Force
Supplier Trained


Empowered & Knowledgeable Customer Service
Recognized & Rewarded


Money Saving and Simplification Capabilities
Cost saving product options
POU Packaging, Dispensing
Process support


Rapidly Available
When you need it -Where you need it


Technical Value
Full knowledge of the cutting edge products available
Support to custom formulate if needed
Processing Knowledge

Empowered to take action

A company that Krayden Inc. supplies to was facing a possible line shutdown situation due to a shortage of materials. One of our technical sales representatives flew down on a Saturday to the Henkel facility to pick up the particular material this company needed to keep their line from shutting down. A Krayden representative drove from 6 pm to 6 am and delivered the material that was needed at Krayden’s expense and time. The advanced inventory management and dedication of this sales representative allowed Krayden to fully ensure customer satisfaction.

Leaning our process to convenience our customer

Krayden Inc. has also helped our customers by providing them with temperature controlled freezers at no cost to store products at the correct temperature settings. We have trained Krayden staff on implementing tool crib to use First In First out (FIFO) to ensure they are using fresh material and avoiding costly expiration. Krayden’s inventory is rapidly available to you when you need, where you need it.

The way Krayden manages our inventory allows a fast and efficient way to provide our customer the correct product when and where it is needed.

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